D i g i t a l _ E a r t h

How Digital Earth is Organised

Work Packages

Based on the outlined objectives and the related demands, five work packages have been defined.

SMART Monitoring Designs

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Data Exploration Framework

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Sustainable Collaboration

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Evaluation of Success

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Project Management

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Show Cases

The analysis of flood events at the Elbe river along the process cascade event generation, evolution and impact across the atmospheric, terrestrial and marine disciplines as well as the quantification of methane emission fluxes into the atmosphere produced by gas exploration in the North Sea area acting as show cases in Digital Earth.

Thematic Seed Groups

Seedgroups have been established to discuss methodical needs and the potential of data science approaches in a group consisting of interested scientists from all Helmhotz E+E Centers plus invited/interested external experts.

Digital Earth Partner Institutes

See here for more information on Digital Earth project partners.

Digital Earth Steering Group

Find details on the Digital Earth Steering Group members here.