D i g i t a l _ E a r t h

Towards SMART Monitoring and Integrated Data Exploration of the Earth System - Implementing the Data Science Paradigm

Significant advances in Earth system understanding will only be achieved through better integration of data and knowledge from the different Earth science disciplines and Earth compartments. Improvement in this field strongly depends on our capabilities of dealing with fast growing multi-parameter data and on our effort employing Data Science methods, adapting new algorithms and developing digital workflows tailored to specific scientific needs.

Digital Earth has been strategically initiated by all eight centres of the Helmholtz research field Earth and Environment.

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Our Mission is the digitalization of Earth Sciences and enhancing cooperation between scientists working in different earth compartments. The aims is to derive a more holistic view on earth systems and to bridge gaps between natural and data scientist. Read more


Thinking in workflows: A new approach of cooperation that supports re-usability of ideas and software code, prevents duplications and thus supports sustainability.

Scientific Show Case: Greenhouse gas impact of methane from the North Sea; Heavy rains and Elbe flood causing nutrient input into the North Sea.

Project Digital Earth: A four years projects that aimed to implement workflows and software components that facilitate the ideas outlined in our mission.

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Main Results