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Workshop on Observation Data QA/QC at FZ Jülich

Digital Earth Colleagues from FZ Jülich organized an interactive workshop on observation data QA/QC.It took place at the Juelich Supercomputing Centre, February 25 -27, 2019 from noon to noon. The format consisted of presentations, discussions, and hands-on sessions.

Automated quality control and assurance of observation data is a key issue in near real time applications as well as in long-term data archives. Digital Earth aims to develop standardized tools covering a wide range of quality criteria based on existing international framework conventions. This workshop intends to be the kick-start, bringing together existing QA/QC procedures implemented at HGF partners.

Key goals of the workshop are:

  • Review data QA/QC procedures implemented at HGF partners
  • Analyse existing gaps in QA/QC management
  • Draft roadmap for generalized QA/QC approach to be delivered by Digital Earth
  • Datathon: bring your data for hands-on exercises