D i g i t a l _ E a r t h

Digital Earth at REKLIM

Berlin 23 - 25 September 2019. Members of Digital Earth attended the REKLIM Conference there they presented the project and first results/ tools to an international audience.

Digital Earth contributions to REKLIM:

Brenner, S., R. Koppe, A. Haas, C. Schäfer-Neth, P. Fischer, S. Immoor, P. Gerchow, B. Fritzsch, S. Frickenhaus: Automatic data quality control for understanding extreme cli-mate events

Bouwer, L., C. Nam, K. Sieck, D. Rechid: Large climate datasets to support the develop-ment of Climate Services: examples from Digital Earth

Henkel, D., J. Greinert, H. Brix and the Digital Earth Steering Group: Earth Science meets Digital Science – Let’s make sense of the mess

Schäfer-Neth, C., A. Haas, P. Fischer, R. Koppe, P. Gerchow, S. Frickenhaus. Elbe river flood and draught scenarios – the MOSES and Digital Earth initiatives