D i g i t a l _ E a r t h

2nd Workshop on Data Exploration Framework

On 30.09.2019 and 01.10.2019 eleven Digital Earth members from six of the involved Helmholtz Centres came together at the GFZ in Potsdam to exchange and report about the progress of their work related to work package 2 “Data Exploration Framework”.

The focus of the work done in work package 2 is to give domain experts a better understanding of the system earth. This shall be reached via a holistic view on various scales, e.g. a holistic view for an entire show case / domain or a holistic view need for a particular question within a show case. Next to the discussion on how to provide a holistic view, the workshop members tried to identify overlapping methods used by multiple toolboxes. Once common methods are identified, they can be implemented in a more re-usable way, saving additional effort. Finally a roadmap with milestones for the upcoming months was compiled.