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Digital Earth at a Glance

Digital Earth aims at a holistic view on the entire Earth system across its compartments in a multi-parameter and multi-dimensional approach. Its objective is to improve Integrative Data Driven Science (IDDS) with state-of-the-art concepts for computer and data science.

Developing Generic Tools for Integrative Data-Driven Science

Digital Earth develops generic approaches for IDDS by adapting workflows, visual data exploration and analysis software, as well as specialized AI-driven analysis tools for a number of applications. The developments are mainly based on two exemplary show cases: the analysis of flood events and the quantification of methane emission. The main focus of Digital Earth is on Smart Monitoring and Integrated Data Exploration (see flyers below). The concepts and tools from Digital Earth are an important contribution to the digitizing of Earth Science.

Digital Earth is reaching out to other activities such as the National Research Data Infrastructure NFDI4Earth.